Feel like you are getting sprinkled with pixie dust with every order!

Charcuterie Essentials Box

Elevate your Charcuterie Board game.

Have you ever thought about how easy it would be to create your own Charcuterie Board but don't know where to begin with food elements? Or do you find creating a Charcuterie Board a bit difficult overall?

Charcuterie Essentials is a monthly subscription box to remove the guesswork out of the Charcuterie creation struggles. Each box includes items that are handpicked by Lori to create the most gorgeous display of foods.

It's more than a box of food.

Charcuterie Essentials is a curated box that is for the foodie who loves a great styled Charcuterie Board shipped nationwide. You can ensure these items pair well together for any occasion.

Your heart will thank us for the contents of every box, not to mention your belly! Be a part of something bigger than just creating a plain 'ole paper plate in your kitchen. Being a subscriber is definitely for you and your love of food, but being a part of our little foodie club is like a party for 100s of people but you don't have to do the clean-up later!

The Charcuterie essentials are delivered to your door, followed by an eye-popping Charcuterie Board that you created for you and/or your guests to drool over. And let me just say, you will definitely be the talk of the town with your foodie skills. 

Don't just take our word for it, hear from our Charcuterie Board owners:

"I've been giving the cheese and cracker board to clients as an appreciation gift. I've had positive reactions with every delivery. It is great quality and a memorable gift." - Karen M. (Realtor Company)

"My husband and I love this cheese board & spreader; it will be part of our holiday celebrations." - Kathy 

"Amazing craftsmanship. I would highly recommend them for your next purchase of that special memorable gift." - Bob (Corporate Account)

"I received one of your beautiful boards as a gift. I absolutely love it and it's rich color. Perfect display when not in use." - Tracy W.

What will I get in my Charcuterie Essentials subscription box each month?

Ultimately, I love the suspense I give you while you wait to see what was put together for you. The box will contain 2-5 items that will be handpicked by Lori. There may also be an accessory item in there (or two.) You will note that each box has a theme of sorts; foods that go well with a Sunday afternoon football game or a summer weekend by the pool with friends or a holiday gathering of festive foods.

The items will range from:
  • Jams/Jellies
  • Fruit Butters 
  • Mustards
  • Cheese Spreads
  • Salsas
  • & more!
To be paired with:
  • Meat sticks
  • Nuts
  • Dried Fruits
  • Seasonings/Dry rubs
  • & more!
May include accessories:
  • Fancy Toothpicks
  • Fancy cheese forks/spreaders
  • Mini serving bowls
  • Wine glass
  • & more!

Box Benefits:

  • Convenience
  • Box to board in under 10 minutes
  • No thought process on what to serve
  • Simple/Easy instructions to follow
  • No stress
  • Looking forward to receiving something for "yourself"
  • Feel amazing about 'your' Charcuterie Board skills
  • Create a pleasing contrast between the different qualities in each tasty morsel
  • Grab & go!



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